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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) at Western Regional Medical Center, we focus on fighting complex and advanced stage cancer. To help us accomplish this mission we have cancer-fighting technology that supports our patients' fight against this challenging disease.

A few of the most recent additions to the technologies found at Western include the following:

Da Vinci Surgical System

CTCA® recently introduced the Da Vinci® Surgical System, a sophisticated surgical platform that offers a minimally invasive option for complex surgery. The Da Vinci® Surgical System enables our surgeons to perform a range of delicate and complex surgical procedures to remove difficult-to-reach cancerous tumors with increased vision, precision, dexterity and control. Learn more about Da Vinci® Surgical System

TomoTherapy® Advanced Radiotherapy

The TomoTherapy® Highly Integrated Adaptive Radiotherapy (HI-ART) system combines an advanced form of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) with the accuracy of CT scanning technology, all in one machine. This approach treats hard-to-reach tumors that often sit close to healthy tissues and organs, while minimizing damage to these surrounding tissues.

Calypso® 4D Localization System™

The Calypso® 4D Localization System™ helps our doctors deliver focused doses of radiation with greater accuracy to prostate cancer patients receiving external beam radiation therapy. Also known as GPS for the Body®, this technology allows our radiation therapy team to continuously track movement of the prostate in real time and concentrate radiation to the tumor. By targeting cancer cells and avoiding nearby healthy tissues, Calypso spares the bladder, colon and other critical structures.Learn more about Calypso® 4D Localization.

Superficial and Interstitial Hyperthermia

At Western, we utilize a number innovative radiation oncology treatments and technologies, such as superficial and interstitial hyperthermia, that allow our physicians to non-invasively treat tumors that are close to the skin’s surface. Superficial and interstitial hyperthermia utilize heat to assist in the treatment of certain tumors, and when used in conjunction with standard radiation, not only reduces the risk of complications for our patients, but allows the physicians to more accurately target the treatment our patients receive.

Multi Organizational Service Units (MOSA) and the Pod Concept

Western pioneered the use of the MOSA rooms and the Pod Appointment Concept within the state of Arizona, and was the one of the first within Cancer Treatment Centers of America® to offer these innovative services and processes that focus on reducing unnecessary, and sometimes painful, patient shuffling. Other facilities often require clinic patients to move from the waiting room to various exam rooms multiple times a day. At Western, the clinic was conceptually and architecturally designed as a pod, where the patient is literally surrounded by a team of care providers who come to the patient instead of the patient coming to them. Appointments are scheduled so that the patient stays in one exam room, increasing communication between providers and decreasing patient steps. Additionally, every room on the Special Care Unit (SCU) at Western is fully equipped to serve patients at every level of care throughout their entire stay, making it unnecessary for a patient to move from room to room based on the severity of their condition, and allowing the CTCA clinical staff to provide a higher-level of care.

Varian's Trilogy™ system

One of the most innovative radiation therapy tools available today, Varian's Trilogy™ system, combines new image-guidance technology with one of the most powerful and precise radiation beams available. As a result, Trilogy shortens cancer treatment times and targets tumors more precisely. By using real-time diagnostic data, the sculpted radiation beam pinpoints the tumor and protects the surrounding healthy tissue, while minimizing the patient's time on the treatment table. Trilogy™ offers capabilities for providing Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), 3D Conformal Radiation, Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy, and Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Learn more about Varian's Trilogy™ system.

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When patients explore treatment options, they may want to know about issues like life expectancy and quality of life. To help patients and their families make more informed decisions about their cancer treatment, CTCA publishes our patient survival rates along with quality of life, patient loyalty, and speed of care results.

CTCA is one of the first cancer treatment centers to provide our results to patients. We believe patients have the right to know this type of information. We also believe in their fundamental right to choose among the best available options for their treatment. To see our statistics and results, please visit Cancer Treatment Statistics & Results.

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